Peyton Manning Had His Own Private Mancave Inside An Indianapolis Steakhouse (PIC)

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Peyton Manning was back in Indianapolis on Sunday for the unveiling of his statue prior to the Colts’ victory over the 49ers. While we don’t know for sure what Peyton did after the game, there’s a pretty good chance he celebrated at one of his old haunts.

According to a profile published in the Indy Star, Manning used to go to the historic St. Elmo’s Steak House in downtown Indianapolis so often that they basically transformed their wine cellar into his own personal mancave.

In Indy, apparently, Peyton had the pull of a big time mafia kingpin.

St. Elmo’s owner Craig Huse says Manning signed his first contract at the restaurant, which had been recommended to him by his dad. After that, Peyton made it a habit of eating there after every home game, and occasionally after getting back from road games. However, as Peyton’s star grew, fans learned of his habits and rituals. Eventually there was a crowd waiting for him outside St. Elmo’s after every game. So Huse and Manning came up with a plan.

Manning would arrive, park his car out front, but enter via the side door. There he would get on the private elevator, punch in his personal security code, and descend to a private dining room in the wine cellar.

Eventually the employees started calling the cellar “The Manning Room” and referring to Manning himself as “The Eagle”—which, of course, is the codename the secret service uses for the President.

“The Eagle has landed. That was our code for Peyton was in the house,” Huse recalled to the Indy Star. “Oftentimes I didn’t even know he was in. He’d zip in. I’d get a text—’I’m here.'”

According to Huse, he installed a built-in television when Peyton mentioned he’d like to be able to watch football in the private dining room. From then on out, Peyton would unwind every Sunday in his own little mancave at St. Elmo’s eating steak and watching his brother Eli on television.

His usual order?

“New York strip, salad, potato, Bud Light,” Huse recalled.

It’s good to be Peyton Manning.

The private wine cellar dining room at St. Elmo's, a.k.a. The Manning Room.

The private wine cellar dining room at St. Elmo’s, a.k.a. The Manning Room.

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