Was Russell Westbrook’s Cat Shirt Yet Another Jab at Departed Teammate Kevin Durant? (PICS)

Russell Westbrook press conference

Kevin Durant is known to have blazed quite a trail out of OKC last season, laying waste in fairly diplomatic fashion to his former teammates as he became a hired gun for Golden State.

He had fired off this tweet earlier, counting out the Thunder in the wake of his departure:

KD Tweet

Well, the constantly side-eyed Russell Westbrook may have laid waste to his former teammate’s criticism with this one fashion choice:

Not only is that good, humane advice, but it’s also a pretty awesome dig on Durant, who’s been less than supportive of his former All-Star teammate.

Durant’s cover may have been blown on his “secret” Twitter account, but it’s clear that it will be a while before he lives down the shame of taking such juvenile measures in slamming his former friends.

Petty is as petty does!

Hat Tip – [NY Post]

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