Bud Light Offering NFL Fans A Way To Paint Their Faces In Team Colors…Without The Mess! (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 9.15.49 AM

While painting your face may seem like a good idea on paper (eh, not really, but…), it does require, you know, buying paint and actually putting it on your damn face to support a football team. Realizing that there may be better solutions at hand, Bud Light teamed up with software company YinzCam to create an application that lets fans put face paint on a photo of themselves, saving everyone from a big mess and bright blue ears.

Using facial detection, the feature applies the “paint” digitally to a fan’s likeness. So far the teams represented by the app include only the Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, and Houston Texans, but more are likely on their way.

No doubt this is a move to rope in some younger fans who are obsessed with their dang Snapchats and selfies, but it will no doubt appeal to die-hards of all ages.

Interested? Check out the availability in the App Store using the proprietary apps of the available teams listed above.

Hat Tip – [Mobile Marketer]

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