Panama Soccer Announcers Go BANANAS When Team Qualifies For Its First Ever World Cup (VIDEO)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

In sports, every loss is somebody else’s win, every bottomless pit of despair somebody else’s greatest triumph.

On Tuesday, the United States Men’s National Team suffered the most humiliating defeat in its history, a 2-1 loss to CONCACAF minnows Trinidad and Tobago that eliminated them from the 2018 World Cup before it even started. However, while American soccer fans were busy cursing and yelling, Panamanian soccer fans were jumping for joy. Because the USMNT’s defeat, coupled with Panama’s 2-1 win over Costa Rica means that, for the first time ever, Panama is going to the World Cup.

How excited is everyone in Panama? Take a look at the reaction from the Panama commentators as the final seconds expire off the clock and their country officially books its trip to Russia:

Obviously it’s a little too early to expect American soccer fans to start moving on from Tuesday’s humiliation. But if anything can help them do it, it’s a couple of grown men jumping up and down shedding tears of pure, unbridled joy.

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