Social Media Hilariously Reacts to P. Diddy Wanting To Own the NFL (TWEETS)

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Image via Getty

Puff Daddy may be worth over $800 million, but that’s still a far cry from owning an NFL team, let alone an entire league of 32 teams.

That didn’t stop him from publicly musing on Twitter about what he would do if he bought the whole damn league. This all started after the rap mogul retweeted a post from CNN’s Keith Boykin stating that 70% of the league is black.

Things got a little…goofier…after that. 



He then switched over to Instagram to let that audience know what he’s thinking of doing.

I did have a dream to own a nfl lteam but after this post my DREAM IS TO OWN OUR OWN LEAGUE. WHERE YOU CAN BE YOURSELF. Have a retirement plan. Have the freedom to be a great human and protest for your people without being demonized for your beliefs as a KING!!!!! New dream alert!!!!! Sell me the NFL NOW!!!! #fuckthat #takedat AND FOR THE RECORD IM NOT EVEN MAD. ITS OUR FAULT FOR NOT HAVING THE COURAGE OUR ANCESTORS HAD!!!!! Maaaaaaan!!!! #TAKEDAT AGAIN

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I don’t think anyone would take issue with Puff Daddy buying an NFL team, but owning the entire league would certainly raise questions—both logistical and philosophical. Better to start small, Sean.

What does social media think of all this?  Here’s how they reacted:

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