Someone Made A Supercut of Carmelo Anthony Saying ‘Get The F*ck Outta Here’ On Rebounds & It’s Incredible (VIDEO)

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For the first time since Carmelo Anthony was in Denver, he is actually part of a squad that has a chance to not only make some noise in the Western Conference, but to challenge the Golden State Warriors and compete for a championship.

Also, for the first time, he finds himself as possibly the third option on a team that won’t run the offense through him.  In his new home in Oklahoma City, Russell Westbrook is top dog and Paul George is right there with him.

Not having to focus on offense that much anymore, Carmelo can focus on things, like grabbing rebounds with authority and attitude. Someone made a supercut of Melo and his tendency for grabbing boards and yelling, “get the f*ck outta here,” as he snatches the ball out of mid-air.

Melo has a history of saying “I got it, get the f—k out of here” when grabbing rebounds.

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