Steve Smith Says Mike Ditka is ‘Clueless’ & a ‘Dumb Ass’ For His Comments On Oppression of Black People

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The fallout from Mike Ditka’s comments continued on Tuesday when Steve Smith Sr. wanted to add his two cents to the controversial statement made by the former Chicago Bears legend.

The former NFL wide receiver took to Twitter and blasted Ditka for stating minorities aren’t oppressed and that they haven’t been for the last 100 years.

“Really? Civil Rights Act of 1964, voting act of 1965, Rosa Parks 1955,” Smith tweeted Tuesday morning. “To say this gives us a peek into you’re heart. Jim crow laws, Brown v. Board of education Great coach..clueless person.”

Smith went a step further, calling Ditka a “dumb a$$” for claiming “this never happened.”

“To act like this country is perfect and say history hasn’t happened is reckless and untrue. We can do better,” Smith said.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer made those comments during an interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One’s Monday Night Football pregame show. Ditka said that oppression has all of a sudden become a big deal in this country, referring to the hundreds of NFL players who are kneeling during the anthem to bring attention to it.

(Charlotte Observer)

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