Adrian Peterson Says God & Jesus Answered His Prayers To Be Traded From Saints To Cardinals (VIDEO)


Adrian Peterson’s career with the New Orleans Saints never officially got off the ground since he was barely used. Just four games, 27 attempts, and only 81 rushing yards later, Peterson was shipped off to the Arizona Cardinals, ending one of the worst offseason signings in recent memory.

The 32-year-old running back told reporters Wednesday after going through his first practice with the Arizona Cardinals that he has ‘so much left.’ 

“I’d love to play at least four or five more years, God willing. I have a lot left in the tank. So stay tuned, you guys will be able to see that firsthand.”

Peterson had nothing bad to say about the Saints, but stated he was hoping to play for a different team once he realized he wouldn’t be used much.

“I wasn’t pushing to be moved,” he said, “but I’d be lying to you to say that I didn’t want a change of scenery after four weeks seeing how things played out.”

As far as his reaction when he got the news about the trade:

“It’s like, ‘Thank you Jesus. He answers prayers.”


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