EPIC FAIL Reminds Us Why Car Dunks Are Usually a Bad Idea (VIDEO)

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A Russian YouTube sensation recently showed us all why dunking over cars is a foolhardy move (unless you’re Blake Griffin).  While attempting the feat during a recent performance, he failed to clear the vehicle in question leaving him sprawled out on the ground and not looking like much of an athlete.

First off, a primer on Illia Korshka, the man in question. In case it wasn’t clear if he could dunk…here you go:

Despite these feats, the leaping Russian proved he isn’t superhuman during a recent contest.

Here he is, trying to clear a car…and failing.

He failed to clear a small Mercedes roadster, leaving him face down on the asphalt with a bruised ego and a loss of pride, to say the least. As you can see, it appears as though the guy holding the ball proved to be the hurdle (literally and figuratively) that caused the snafu.

Illia will be up and dunking again no doubt, but don’t be surprised if he takes a minute to lick his wounds.

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