Jerry Jones Admits National Anthem Threat To Players Has To Do With Losing Money & Ratings

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Well, it certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Jerry Jones implemented a National Anthem ban to his players.

The Dallas Cowboys owner met with his players and coaches after practice on Wednesday to address the team for 20 minutes and any concerns they had about his ban and he made it quite clear that he did it because of money and ratings.

“Multiple sources said he spoke matter-of-factly about why he wants to avoid any perception that the players on the Cowboys aren’t honoring the flag during the national anthem. The sources said Jerry addressed the potential of anthem protests affecting the business of the Dallas Cowboys either through poor TV ratings or the potential loss of advertising partners.

The sources said Jerry also made a point to let the players know he supported their continuing quest for social equality, but he also expected them to continue standing when the national anthem is played before games.”

As far as Jerry telling the players he cares about equality in this country, at least one current member is not feeling the love.

One player referred to his comments as, “Fraudulent.”

A few weeks ago before a game against the Arizona Cardinals, Jerry Jones made it a point to come out to the field arm-in-arm with his players and they all kneeled before the Anthem, but rose during the playing of it. He assumed the controversy would ‘go away’ once he made both sides happy, but when it didn’t, he went with a Anthem ban to bench any player that disrespects the country.


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