Kyrie Irving Continues Sucking Up To Boston, Gives Game-Worn Sneakers To Celtics Fan Wearing His Jersey (VIDEO)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Kyrie Irving is wasting no time ingratiating himself to Boston sports fans.

Last week he took a subtle shot at former teammate LeBron James. On Wednesday Irving told reporters that Boston, unlike Cleveland, is a “major” city, and also a “real live sports city.”

On Wednesday night, Kyrie continued his Boston ass-kissing campaign. Following the Celtics’ preseason win over the Hornets in Charlotte, Irving spotted a guy in the front row wearing his Celtics jersey. So what did Irving do? He stooped down, took the sneakers off his feet, and gave them to the guy.

Take a look:


That’s nice for the fan. Who doesn’t like a pair of smelly sneakers?

So, what’s next for Irving? Maybe he and Big Papi can do a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts wearing Bruins sweaters? Maybe he can fly into an expletive-filled anti-Goodell tirade on local talk radio? Maybe he can become friends with Gronk and go around motorboating random Boston party girls. Or maybe he can, I don’t know, make a rap album featuring tracks like “LeBron Is Old and Dumb,” “Da Earf Still Flat,” and “Everyone in New Yawk Can Suck Deez Nutz.”

Of course, if he does use any of those names on his rap album, I’ll expect a writer’s credit.

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