LaMelo Ball Throws Down a NASTY Windmill Dunk, Trash Talks Chino Hills High School (VIDEO)


LaMelo ball may no longer be in high school since his dad pulled him out to work on his game, but it’s clear he’s still on an upward trajectory when it comes to his hoops education.

The Ball family youngster showed he can get way up at an NBA All-Star level with a (shirtless) windmill dunk during a practice pickup session. Lucky for us, it was all captured on video.

As you can see, it appears that players on both teams were quick to celebrate the resounding throw-down.

For good measure, making sure no bridge goes unburned, LaMelo says at the end of the clip regarding his old high school, Chino Hills, “Mark my words, without Melo, they losing.”

It’s clear that, in addition to his dunks, he’s been working on his “talking about himself in the third-person” skills.

You can’t coach that.

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