Michael Jordan Says The ‘Super Team Era’ Makes 28 Teams In The NBA ‘Garbage’


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Seems like every years, a super team is formed and people begin to wonder if one or two teams being so damn good actually hurts the NBA and each time, the answer is no.

It didn’t hurt when the Los Angeles Lakers went to the NBA Finals eight times from 1980 to 1991. It didn’t hurt ratings when Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls won six NBA titles in the 90’s. It didn’t hurt the product when the Lakers won 3 straight titles in the 2000’s, and it will certainly not hurt with the current super team in Golden State and a Lebron-led team in Cleveland.

However, Michael Jordan begs to differ, and believes this so-called ‘Super Team era’ will hurt the NBA and make the other 28 teams in the league absolute garbage.

“I think it’s going to hurt the overall aspect of the league from a competitive standpoint,” “You’re going to have one or two teams that are going to be great, and another 28 teams that are going to be garbage. Or they’re going to have a tough time surviving in the business environment.”

It’s not hard to figure out which top teams he believes are super teams, just check the NBA Finals the last three years.

(Sports Illustrated)

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