Stephen A. Smith Says Von Miller Has Lost His Damn Mind If He Thinks OBJ Should Be Highest-Paid NFL Player Ever (VIDEO)

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Odell Beckham Jr. going down with a season-ending ankle fracture last week prety much ended the New York Giants hopes of trying to salvage this season—a season in which they are currently 0-5 and headed for a top pick in the NFL Draft.

For that reason, along with many others, Von Miller believes that the New York Giants wide receiver should be the highest paid player EVER.

“Odell (Beckham) should be the highest-paid player ever in the National Football League. He should be the highest-paid player ever, regardless of position. That’s just the type of player he is. It doesn’t matter if it’s quarterback, offensive line, receiver. It doesn’t matter. The type of impact that he has on the globe, the type of viewers that he brings — just him as a player. That makes up for him not playing quarterback. So, he’s a once in a lifetime player. Definitely deserving.

“There’s no reason that he won’t come back and be the same type of player. That’s just one of the guys that you invest in. When you get a guy like that, that’s the guy that you invest in, that you want to keep around for his whole career.”

On Thursday’s edition of ‘First Take,’ Stephen A. Smith acknowledge that Odell is definitely a superstar talent and should be one of the highest paid receivers in the league, but he also stated that the Denver Broncos linebacker has completely lost his damn mind if he thinks OBJ should get the most money in league history.

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