Topless Photo of Paige VanZant Shows Just How Grueling Making Weight Can Be (PIC)

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Image via Getty

If you’ve ever gone on a diet, you know how tough it can be to lose weight at times.  But typical diets for regular humans usually only consist of losing a few pounds over an extended period of time.

So what happens when someone needs to lose a lot more weight in a lot less time?  Such is the life of mixed martial artists, many of whom struggle with the grind of making weight for their fights.

Paige VanZant knows all to well about that struggle.  The UFC fighter recently talked to The MMA Hour’s Ariel Helwani about the struggles of making weight in the 115-pound division.  According to Paige, she usually walks around at about 137 pounds, meaning she usually has to cut a ridiculous 22-pounds before every fight.  She says she’s happy about the news that the UFC has created a 125-pound division, which should offer her plenty of relief in the weight cutting department.  She even claims that in one instance, she actually passed out in the bathroom while trying to cut weight.

The photo below, which has just recently surfaced on the internet, is believed to show VanZant in the midst of one of her taxing weight-cutting sessions:

Paige Vanzant cut weight

And here’s an Instagram post where VanZant shows the effects of weight cutting while rejoicing about the UFC’s new 125-pound division:

115lb Paige? Ain’t nobody got time for that!! Haha I can’t wait to wreck shop at 125!!!! Who agrees????

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And finally, here’s VanZant’s interview with The MMA Hour.  The discussion about cutting weight begins at the 7:58 mark:

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