Watch Marshawn Lynch Wreak Havoc & Destroy A Race Car With His Drifting (VIDEO)

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It doesn’t matter what Marshawn Lynch is doing in life, he is always must-see TV, whether he’s on the field or testing his driving skills in a race car.

The latter is exactly what the Oakland Raiders RB did to kick off his new Bleacher Report show, “No Script.”

The setting was Dream Racing, a race track at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and what unfolded was simply awesome:

What was supposed to happen was Lynch was supposed to take lessons from race car driver Alessandro Bressan in the art of drifting, but as you can see, Lynch does what the hell he wants to do.

He ended up doing some pretty serious damage to the wheels and almost shut down production.

Here’s the Full premiere:

Here’s another funny clip of him talking about potentially playing tennis against a then-pregnant Serena Williams:  

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