Yankees Savagely Troll Jose Ramirez With “Cupcake” Reference After Completing 0-2 Comeback (Tweets)

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The Yankees and Indians weren’t just competing on the field during the ALDS. They were also competing on social media. And unfortunately for the Indians, the Yankees came out on top in both arenas.

On Sunday, prior to Game 3 of the ALDS, Indians second baseman Jose Ramirez got a little cocky on Twitter. In response to a fan tweet that has since been deleted, Ramirez pointed out that the Indians were 3-0 at Yankee stadium this year, the implication being that the series was all but over. Then, for good measure, Ramierez called the fan cupcake, which is apparently the sports insult du jour.


Unfortunately for Ramirez, the Indians did not win Game 3 or Game 4 at Yankee Stadium. And on Wednesday they did not win Game 5 back in Cleveland.

After the final out of the series, the Yankees social media team had the last, incredibly savage laugh:

That didn’t limit their savagery to Ramirez, either. They also took a shot at the whole team in an Instagram post, referring to the Indians as “The Team That Blew A 2-0 Series Lead”:

Final: Yankees 5, The Team That Blew A 2-0 Series Lead 2.

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Somebody send the Cleveland Indians a case of aloe vera so they can treat those burns.

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