Carolina Panthers RB’s Averaged a Laughable 2.769 INCHES Per Carry Last Night

Philadelphia Eagles v Carolina Panthers

Last night during Thursday Night Football, the Carolina Panthers tried their hardest to overcome the onslaught from the Philadelphia Eagles, but it ultimately became way too much.

What could’ve helped the Panthers last night is a solid run game to help out QB Cam Newton, whose three interceptions could be blamed on the fact that the team’s ground attack was pretty much nonexistent, forcing him to throw all night.

By nonexistent, we literally mean non-existent. Here’s a look at what the Panthers running back averaged per carry vs. the Eagles:

That is not a typo.

It would’ve taken the Panthers’ offense a whopping 130 plays to reach a first down at that rate. The Panthers running backs combined for a total of 13 carries for one measly little yard against the Eagles.

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