Cubs’ Jon Lester Was Drunk Out Of His Mind During Interview After Defeating Nationals (VIDEO)

jon lester

Last night, the Chicago Cubs won one of the craziest games in NLDS history when they defeated the Washington Nationals to advance to their third straight National League Championship Series.

Amid the celebration in the locker room, starting pitcher Jon Lester was interviewed by everyone who had a champagne-soaked microphone about the big win. It became abundantly clear throughout this one particular interview that Lester was drunk off his ass and just piecing words together as he went along.


Despite being drunk, Lester was all smiles and appeared to be very happy-go-lucky after the game, as you can tell by the video.

Lester can use Friday to sleep through that hangover as the Cubs have a quick turnaround and will take on the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday night.

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