Newly Signed O.J. Simpson Memorabilia Already Selling For A Fortune (PICS)

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O.J. Simpson had better start saving his receipts, because he’s probably going to get audited this year.

Last week the former football legend was spotted signing various pieces of memorabilia at a private room in a Las Vegas hotel, just days after getting out of prison. Now that memorabilia is showing up for sale online, and as you would expect, it’s not cheap.

As first reported by TMZ, Steiner Sports, one of the biggest sports memorabilia dealers in the business, recently posted two vintage Buffalo Bills helmets in the “new arrivals” section of their website. Both are signed by O.J. Simpson, and one is inscribed with “H.O.F. ’85.”

The Steiner website says the helmets are hand-signed and 100% authentic. The one with just the autograph is listed for $399.99, while the one with the autograph and inscription is listed for $449.99.

You can also get a display case for an additional $129.99.

Take a look:

O.J. Simpson autographed helmets

O.J. Simpson Memorabilia Autographed Helmets

Steiner issued a statement to TMZ regarding the items.

“So it is clear,” a representative explained, “Steiner Sports did not hold the signing with O.J. Simpson, but purchased his new autographs from a third party.”

“Collectors collect, and O.J. Simpson is a part of sports history for his accomplishments on the field,” explained Steiner CEO Brandon Steiner. “He’s a Heisman Trophy winner, 10,000+ yard rusher and Hall of Famer. We are just trying to answer the demand of our customers looking to complete their collections.”

Of course, the million dollar question—literally—is whether O.J. was paid for his autographs. On the one hand it’s hard to imagine he would do something like this out of the kindness of his heart. On the other hand, any money he earned is supposed to go straight to the Goldmans and Browns as payment toward the $33.5 million he owes them as a result of the 1997 wrongful death lawsuit.

If O.J. tries to keep any money received from the autographs, he’d be violating U.S. tax law, which would land him back in prison.

Stay tuned.

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