Nick Saban Doing Burnouts in a Tiny Go-Kart Takes Us Into The Weekend (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 8.58.07 AM

Nick Saban isn’t really known as what we would call a “fun” guy. He seems to eat, breathe, and sleep football without much else going on in his life.

Or so we thought.

It turns out the coach isn’t immune to the charms of a tiny go-kart. We found this out as the Alabama coach teamed up with NASCAR driver Brad Kesolowski to promote the Alabama 500 race this weekend.

Here he is. It might be a scooter. It might be pedal-powered. But boy is it something.

Well, that’s probably enough fun for one football season. Now back to hocking soda during press conferences and complaining about the media.

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