Tom Brady Hams It Up BIG TIME in This Bizarrely Awesome Candy Ad (VIDEO)


Despite being the poster boy of the NFL, Tom Brady has done some pretty weird ads. The recent Uggs ad and his mulleted daily fantasy character both come to mind with regards to this.

In case you don’t remember or haven’t seen them, here’s a look at both of those ads:

Brady may be into the probable twilight of his career, but he shows no signs of letting up, taking his acting WAY over the top in this ad for Unreal candy—which, in keeping with his now-infamous diet, is organic, non-GMO, and low-sugar.

Here’s the ad:

He’s probably so bored with having to be a plain vanilla golden boy for the press that I’m sure he relishes the opportunity to do anything weird. And if a company is going to pay him for the service, then all the better.

No word if this is going to find its way to television, but it’s out there one way or another. Godspeed, Captain Brady.

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