Ump Jokingly ‘Punches’ Cubs Catcher Wilson Contreras After Taking Ball To The Face Because Of Him (VIDEO)

Ump Punch Contreras

Being an ump is a dangerous gig, and the drama behind the role is compounded by the fact that the ump doesn’t really control his own destiny. Any screwup by the pitcher, batter, or catcher could result in a ball or bat striking the ump and causing some serious damage.

Fortunately for Jerry Layne, he was able to let Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras off with a playful warning after Contreras’ botched assignment sent a Wade Davis pitch straight into the ump’s grill.

The “warning” in question was a mock punch from Layne to Contreras, letting him know, “Hey! Maybe catch the ball next time so I don’t get hit in the face.”

Here’s the cute exchange after the errant ball knocked Layne in the mask:

The next punch might not be so playful, but it’s pretty clear that Contreras will strive to make the catch next time.

It’s the playoffs. You don’t want to be known as the team that endangers umps when you head into the later rounds.

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