Young Soccer Players Rip USMNT Over Their Loss In This Hilarious Clip (VIDEO)

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Soccer’s perpetually labelled as the “next big thing” in America, but from the looks of these kids, the entire sport may have taken a significant step backward with the team’s recent elimination from World Cup contention at the hands of lowly Trinidad and Tobago.

The kids aren’t outright mean in this clip, brought to us by England’s BBC, but clearly, they know as well as anyone that the game should have been won by the US.

They’re not about to hang up their cleats, and they’re not mad, but you can tell they’re really, really disappointed in the nation’s top players.


I have to say that seeing these innocent and hopeful kids react is far more harsh than watching a bunch of angry old men burn their jerseys.

With time, they might get past this atrocity, but it’s going to take a while. At least through next summer.

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