Baseball Fans Work Together to Help Boy Who Lost His Memorabilia in California Fires (TWEETS)

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Loren Jade Smith, like so many others in California, has suffered as the wildfires continue to ravage the northern part of the state, killing dozens and destroying countless homes. Smith lost not only his home to the blazes, but his baseball memorabilia collection as well.

He wrote a letter to the Oakland A’s following his loss, and the moving letter quickly went viral.

Here it is:

And here’s the boy himself:

While nothing can replace his house or memorabilia collection, nor erase the hardship Smith’s family has recently faced, people are turning up in droves to offer what they can.

It doesn’t erase the suffering of many, but it’s heartening to think that so many strangers are willing to chip in to help this boy rebuild his collection and his life.

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