NY Media Is PISSED Over Jets’ Blown TD Call That May Have Cost Them the Game (VID + PICS)

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Though the Jets were poised to make a move against the surprisingly vulnerable Patriots team on Sunday, their hopes were quickly dashed as the refs turned an Austin Seferian-Jenkins touchdown into a touchback, saying he fumbled out of the end zone

Here’s the play so you can see for yourself.

It was a controversial call by the officials, and seemingly everyone who isn;t a Patriots fan was up in arms after the game.  Obviously, that included the always-colorful New York tabloids.

The New York Daily News, rarely a composed and quiet publication, offered this headline on Monday:

The New York Post offered up a bit of “WTF?” wordplay, asking readers “What the Fumble?” What they lack in humor and wit, the paper seems to more than make up for with enthusiasm.

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Almost 24 hours after the play, it seems as though Jets fans are in agreement with virtually every media outlet. They were robbed. It doesn’t seem as though there’s much that can be done to reverse the outcome of the game, but that won’t stop the Jets faithful from demanding blood.

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