Insane Video: Race Car Drivers Fight, Then Get Tasered And Arrested In Middle Of Track (Video)

cop tasers race car driver after crash and fight

Stock car racing fans in Indiana were treated to a bizarre spectacle on Saturday when a couple of drivers got into a fist fight, then had to be tasered and arrested by police right there in the middle of the race track.

The unusual incident occurred during a Figure 8 race at the Anderson Speedway. The drivers, a pair of level-headed geniuses named Shawn Cullen and Jeffrey Swinford, collided with each other three times during the race, according to Stuart Hirsch of The Herald Bullitin.

You don’t have to be an avid auto racing fan to guess that collisions are to be expected when cars are driving around in a figure eight. However, Swinford apparently thought the collisions were avoidable. So, after the third one, he slowed down, turned, and drove right over the hood of Cullen’s car. Cullen then got out, ran up to Swinford’s car, and starting throwing punches.

Eventually an Anderson police officer had to step in and use his taser on Cullen. Then he arrested both drivers and led them off the track in handcuffs.

Take a look:

You don’t see that everyday.

Swinford was eventually charged with Class A misdemeanor criminal recklessness. He was released from the Madison County Jail on Sunday after posting $3,000 bond. Cullen was cited for disorderly conduct in Anderson City Court.

But hey, I bet both of them stood for the national anthem, so it’s all good.

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