The Chicago Transit Authority Upset A LOT of Fans With Their Most Recent Cubs Promotion (PIC)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Even if their hearts were in the right place, the marketing wizards at the Chicago Transit Authority may have brought some bad mojo to their hometown Cubs, right when the team needed it most.

Down 2-0 to the Dodgers in the NLCS, the Cubs were in need of a serious rally in order to get themselves back into the series. They definitely didn’t get and help from the Chicago Transit Authority, though.

The CTA recently posted this curious graphic and slogan online:

Hmm. A big “L.” That should fix the Cubs’ woes, right? RIGHT?

Fans didn’t take long to pick up that something wasn’t right here. 

The CTA reminded irate and touchy fans that this was the slogan for last season and the Cubs experienced a bit of success in that campaign, taking home their first World Series in roughly 681 years. So maybe chill out over this poster and blame the team? 


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