Prices For Tickets To Green Bay Packers Games Have Dropped 50% Since Aaron Rodgers Collarbone Injury

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers

It’s a rough time to be a Green Bay Packers fan right now as the fans have to deal with something they haven’t had to deal with in what seems like forever. That something is uncertainty at the quarterback position for the remainder of the season.

When Aaron Rodgers went down last week and it was reported he broke his collarbone, it was the worst news possible for Cheeseheads. Without Rodgers behind center, they have seemingly lost all hope in the 2017 season.

According to Ticket King, most aren’t even waiting for the wheels to fall off, they’re jumping off the bandwagon right now.

Just look at how Rodgers’ absence has affected the prices of tickets to games at Lambeau Field, dropping them a whopping 50%.

“A lot of people they’re just saying they can’t make it to the game now, I am sure there’s some people that don’t want to go to the game because of what happened,” said Travis Loftus, Manager at Ticket Kind in Green Bay.

Hotels around the area are also taking a hit.

“We’ve been spoiled a little bit but without a Packer game in January, it dramatically affects the budget for the hotel,” said Ron Zellers, General Manager for the Hampton Inn in Ashwaubenon.


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