Watch Joe Buck Do 21 Years Worth of Hilarious Promos for Failed Fox Shows (VIDEO)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

When Joe Buck is in the booth, he’s not just selling the baseball game he’s calling. He’s also selling the shows on the network that pays his bills, Fox. So every October, it seems we’re treated (subjected to?) a litany of promos for new shows on Fox from the baseball mainstay.

Well, in case once a year isn’t enough to revisit these gems, a guy named Matthew Callan put them all together in a clip that’s several minutes long, serving as sort of a Fox TV show graveyard.

Here you go. I hope you like The Grinder!

Even if you don’t like the shows, you can probably appreciate just how hard Joe Buck works to shoehorn these promos into baseball game-calling. The man is a national treasure.

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