Everton Fan With Child In One Hand Used Other Hand to Punch Opposing Players (VIDEO)

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Honestly, this video requires very little background. There’s a dad who took his kid to a soccer match (Everton vs. Lyon) for some bonding, then decided to up the ante on the experience by using his free hand to punch the Lyon goalie who ventured too close to the stands during a fracas.

What makes this especially noteworthy is just how nonchalant the dad is.

Here’s the ridiculous clip:

Everton has issued a lifetime ban against the bad parent and bad fan. They’ve got his name, so it’s all but done at this point.

The entire incident, in which other fans were involved, is being investigated by police. As for the players’ punishment, that will be determined by UEFA during a November 16th meeting.

To bring it all home, though…that dad’s crazy, right?

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