Stephen Curry Says He Didn’t Mean To Throw Mouthpiece At Ref (VIDEO)

Stephen Curry

Saturday night in Memphis, Stephen Curry had his night end before the final buzzer sounded after he became frustrated on a play he thought he should have gotten a call for.

Instead of letting it go, Curry reached in his mouth, pulled out his mouthpiece, and hurled it towards an official. Not surprisingly, he was ejected from the game for his actions.

Following the loss to the Grizzlies, Curry stated after the game that he deserved that ejection.

“That last play, I thought I got fouled, and my frustrations boiled over,” Curry explained postgame. “I did something stupid, deserved to get kicked out, and that’s what happened. Obviously I’ll learn from it and try not to do it again.”

He added that his intention wasn’t to throw nor hit the referee with his mouthpiece, and he does expect to be fined by the league.

“If I tried to throw it at him, or hit him, then that’s pretty good aim,” Curry said sarcastically. “I’ve thrown my mouthpiece plenty of times and thrown it on the floor. It’s probably not the best thing to do but I done it.

“I own up to it, and don’t think it’s a suspension or anything (but) my pockets will be a lot lighter, for sure.”

“No,” he answered to being asked whether he was trying to hit official. “Like I said, if I was trying to throw it at him or hit him, I would have been able to execute that.”

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