Conor McGregor Drops Yet Another Homophobic Slur While Backstage at the UFC (VIDEO)


Conor McGregor may not be fighting at the moment, but that doesn’t mean he’s staying out of the spotlight. The fighter appeared at UFC Gdansk and was caught on camera running his mouth and dropping an “f-bomb” (the homophobic one).

There’s not a lot more that can be said, except that McGregor seems to have a troublesome pattern of falling back on this word very casually. It likely won’t alienate all his UFC fans, but some of them will hopefully not be quite so tolerant.

I mean, the guy’s not even fighting any more, so his words are pretty much his only touchpoint. Perhaps he could choose them a little better in the future?

All while dressed like a movie usher from the 1950s. Not a good look, Conor.

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