High School Volleyball Player With One Of THE BEST Plays Of The Year In Any Sport, At Any Level (Videos)

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You are about to watch one of the best sports highlights of the year. But it doesn’t come from a professional athlete who gets paid millions of dollars. It comes from a high school volleyball player.

Her name is Autumn Finney. She’s a senior and the captain of the girls volleyball team at Decatur High in Decatur, Texas. And if she somehow doesn’t have a college scholarship lined up already, she probably will by the end of the week.

Finney’s Decatur Eagles visited the Krum High Bobcats on Friday. During the match, a Krum kill attempt ricocheted off a blocker toward the back of the court, where another Decator player dove to keep the ball alive. However, she couldn’t manage to hit the ball toward any of her teammates, so it looked like it was going to drop out of bounds, giving Krum the point.

That’s where Finney took over. Rather than let the ball drop, she channeled her inner Wonder Woman, leapt over her fallen teammate, and somehow hit the ball back to the other side of the net.

No words can do this play justice. You just have to watch.

Thankfully, because this is 2017, we have not one but three different angles from which to appreciate Finney’s incredible feat. Check them out:

Yep, I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Autumn Finney is the LeBron James of Texas girls high school volleyball.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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