Chargers Unable To Study Tape of The Patriots Because of Fog From ‘Sunday Night Football’

In their Super Bowl LI rematch on Sunday Night Football, the New England Patriots had no trouble dismantling the Atlanta Falcons. Unfortunately for most people in the stands, they didn’t get to see it, because a thick, heavy fog moved into the area and sat right there in the stadium, making visibility almost impossible.

While it sucked for the fans, it’s really going to suck for the Los Angeles Chargers. The terrible view is going to affect them as well, because the fog makes it almost impossible to review any game film for their upcoming match-up.

This is the All-22 film that they get to study this week prior to their game against New England:

While the Chargers are on a 3-game win streak, no amount of film is going to help them go into Gillette Stadium and take down the Patriots. Although, stranger things have happened.

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