Local Dude Wins Marathon After All The Pros Go The Wrong Way (VIDEO + TWEET)

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The Venice Marathon may not be London or Boston, but it’s still 26.2 miles, and the pros who arrive show up to win. So they couldn’t have been happy when they were all sent the wrong way by course workers, allowing a local entrant to take the lead and, eventually, first place.

The detour happened at mile 16 and it sent the runners a couple hundred meters in the wrong direction (and presumably a couple hundred meters back as well), allowing Eyob Faniel, a runner for the Venice Marathon Club, to take first place with a time of 2:12.

He’s the first Italian to win the race in 22 years.

I mean, 2:12 is incredibly fast, so it’s not like he stumbled into victory, but when the six frontrunners are all misled the wrong way, you would think that there will be a big ole’ asterisk next to his name for a while.

Hat Tip – [TheScore]

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