Ex-NBA Star Ben Gordon Hospitalized for Psychiatric Evaluation; Pulled Blade on Woman, Threatened To Fight Multiple People (VIDEO)

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Ben Gordon had a fairly successful career in the NBA, having won the sixth man of the year award in 2005 as a rookie. These days, however, he’s not doing so well.

The former NBA star was reportedly hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation after he was involved in a confrontation with a woman at his business in Mount Vernon, New York, over the weekend.

TMZ has the disturbing details:

“According to the police report, Gordon’s girlfriend claimed Ben had locked her in the gym — and was going berserk with a blade. Cops eventually went inside the gym, found Gordon in the bathroom and took him into custody. He was then transported to a nearby hospital. 

But we know Ben’s strange behavior has been going on for months — he sent a video to several people he calls “bitch n*****” … and dared them to “pull up” at his gym. He claims the men are wrongfully taking credit for launching the Of Our Own gym. 

Before that, Gordon had been arrested in L.A. back in June for pulling fire alarms at an apartment complex. He failed to appear in court for that incident and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.”

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