Restaurant Claims MLB’s Bruce Maxwell Lied About A Pro-Trump Waiter Refusing Service Because He Kneeled

(via Santiago Mejia / @sfchronicle)

(via Santiago Mejia / @sfchronicle)

The restaurant Bruce Maxwell claims refused him service because he kneeled during the playing of the national anthem during an MLB game is calling BS on his entire story.

The Oakland Athletics rookie catcher stated he was recognized by a waiter at an Alabama restaurant after the protest. The guy said he was Trump supporter and refused to serve Maxwell.

The manager of the restaurant where Oakland A’s catcher Bruce Maxwell claims he was refused service by a pro-Trump waiter claims the MLB player is lying through his teeth. 

But Anne Whalen — the manager at Keegan’s restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama — tells TMZ Sports … the story just ain’t true.

Whalen says there was a dispute that day … but it was over alcohol — someone in Maxwell’s party didn’t have ID and the restaurant refused to serve that person beer.

Whalen also told Fox News, “He is outright lying. This is really upsetting as he was given full service.”

With no video of the incident, it’s basically a he-says, she-says story at this point.

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