Pro Gamer Loses Contract After He Livestreams Domestic Violence Incident (Video)

pro gramer li wei jun vasilii loses contract after livestreaming domestic violence incident

Chinese pro gamer Li Wei Jun, who goes by the name Vasilii, has been cut from League of Legends team Newbee after he livestreamed a domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend.

According to a translation on reddit, Li became enraged by comments from fans during a livestreaming session. When his girlfriend told him that he was too serious, and that he should just mute and/or ignore the comments, he flipped out.

In the video here, you see Li knock over a bunch of furniture and other items, including his webcam. Then you hear him yelling, followed by his girlfriend sobbing, and other distorted sounds that could be someone or something being hit.

Eventually, Li sits back down to resume his game.

The full video is over nine minutes long. However, all the violence occurs in the first two and a half minutes. Take a look:

[Warning: disturbing video]

Another video of the incident—unfortunately it is not able to be embedded, but here’s the link—shows the conversation between Li and his girlfriend prior to Li’s outburst. This version also shows police arriving to talk to Li, and reports indicate they eventually took him into custody.

Not long afterward, Newbee announced they had cut all ties with Li.

Given the evidence available, hopefully Li is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Hat Tip – [Kotaku]

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