Toronto Man Tried (and Failed!) to Run Entire Marathon While Juggling: It’s Called ‘Joggling’, FYI (PICS + VIDS)

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.59.34 AM

I would like to report that Michal Kapral succeeded. That he ran the entire Toronto Waterfront Marathon while juggling five beanbags, setting a weird world record in the process. But life isn’t always full of happy endings.

Though many were rooting for him prior to the event, it just didn’t seem to be enough:


He started strong enough:


He even had a worthy cause behind him:


But things quickly went downhill as he found himself in last place early on:


Soon after, his effort had ended due to tendinitis in his left hand:


Michal still got props from his beneficiaries:


And he got a mounted police escort for a last hurrah. Not a bad way to go out, all things considered!

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