Tulsa 72-Yard TD Called Back After The WEAKEST Excessive Celebration Penalty EVER (VIDEO)

Tulsa TD

WTF, ref?

During last night’s American Conference matchup between Tulsa and SMU, the Golden Hurricanes appeared to have taken a commanding two-touchdown lead on the Mustangs in the third quarter, but one official had to go and ruin everything.

After hauling in a deep ball, Tulse wide receiver Justin Hobbs broke a couple of tackles before trotting into the end zone for the score.  But apparently the referee didn’t appreciate Hobbs’ trotting, so he flagged him for what we’re calling “the weakest excessive celebration penalty in the history of sports.”

Check it out:

Tulsa had to settle for a field-goal on the drive and they would go on to lose the game, 38-34.  All thanks to one horrific call.

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