Bill Belichick Seriously Ponders Beating Inquisitive Reporter To Death With His Own Shoe (VIDEO)

Reporter's Question Pisses Off Bill Belichick

Silly reporter. You can’t ask Bill Belichick questions about football!

The New England Patriots beat the San Diego Chargers by the score of 21-13 on Sunday. After starting the season 2-2, the Pats have now won four straight. While that must have fans feeling pretty good, there is still some room for concern. The Patriots offense has not looked as dominant as it has in recent years. Instead of hammering their opponents, they’ve been grinding out wins. Prior to beating the Chargers 21-13 they beat the Bucs 19-14, the Jets 24-17, and the Falcons 23-7.

After the game, one curious reporter thought it would be a good idea to ask coach Belichick what he thinks about this trend of dink-and-dunk wins.

Not surprisingly, that reporter got the nastiest death stare Belichick could muster, followed by a classic Belichick smart ass answer.

Take a look:


Reporter: Coach, the game was played predominately in the teens. Is that a style that you’re comfortable playing?

Belichick: [Long pause as coach mentally envisions smashing reporter’s head with hammer] What are you talking about?

Reporter: Well, not scoring a lot of points. Not high-flying offense necessarily. More low scoring, grind it out. Is that a style you like, team prefers?

Belichick: We prefer to win.

The Pats have a bye next week. But do not be surprised if they put up 45 points when they return to action against Denver on November 12.

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