David Ortiz Has Incorrectly Predicted EVERY World Series Game (VID + TWEET)

Big Papi World Series Predictions

We already told you about the big money gambler who has correctly predicted each of the first six games of the 2017 World Series, netting himself an impressive $14-million.  I’m not sure if the guy has a secret, but my guess would be he’s been betting the opposite of David Ortiz‘s predictions, because the former World Series MVP-turned-FOX broadcaster has incorrectly picked the winner of every game during this year’s Fall Classic.

Here’s a look at each of Big Papi’s picks so far, and how they fared:

With a record like that, you had to know that everyone would be waiting for Papi’s pick prior to Game 7 tonight.

Who did he take?  Have a look:

That’s right. Ortiz went the same route as the big-time Vegas gambler and chose to stay away.

Papi’s reluctance to make a pick obviously angered many of the fans, but it had to give both teams a sense of relief.  I’m sure they’d like to determine the outcome of the World Series themselves, rather than leave it in the cursed hands of David Ortiz.

P.S. Papi probably wanted to take the Dodgers, seeing as how they’re currently losing, 5-1, in the bottom of the seventh.

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