Internet Reacts to Keith Hernandez’s Controversial Joke on World Series Pregame Show (VID + TWEETS)

Keith Hernandez Big Papi

It didn’t take long for controversy to strike Game 7 of the World Series tonight.

During FOX’s pregame show, while discussing Yasiel Puig and his tendency to lick things, David Ortiz jokingly went in for a lick on Keith Hernandez. The former Mets first baseman playfully resisted before telling Big Papi, “I’m not from San Francisco, Bro.”

Have a look:

It seems odd for Hernandez to suggest that everyone from San Francisco is gay, seeing as how he is also from the city by the bay.

Despite the intentions of Hernandez’s comment, many obviously took offense to it. And plenty of them took to Twitter to vent.

Here’s how the Twitterverse reacted to Hernandez’s joke: 


Not everyone was against Hernandez, however. Here’s one dude who seems to have his back:

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