L.A. County Jail Will Allow Incarcerated Dodgers Fans To Watch Game 7 of The World Series


Great news for the incarcerated fan base of the Los Angeles Dodgers — You will be allowed to watch Game 7 in its entirety on Wednesday to possibly witness history.

Via TMZ:

“we’re told inmates at L.A. County Jail WILL be able to watch the entire World Series game from their cells and TV rooms Wednesday night!! 

We know there are a bunch of Dodgers fans behind bars (some of them have it inked on their bodies!) and they’re very interested in tonight’s game. 

So, to make everyone happy … law enforcement sources tell us they will NOT be turning off the TVs before the game ends.”

Clearly having happy inmates who are preoccupied with the game and not beef is a welcome sight for law enforcement. If they win, don’t expect those inmates to get a pass to get out and go celebrate.

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