Sports Illustrated Cover’s Prediction From 2014 Comes True After Astros Win World Series

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Image via Getty

Sports Illustrated, hold this massive W.

Three years ago, SI put George Springer on the cover of their magazine and crowned the Houston Astros the 2017 champs. It was quite the prediction for a team that lost 92 games that year, not to mention, they lost 106, 107, and 111 game in the three seasons prior.

Going into Game 7 of the World Series on Wednesday, the Astros got the scoring started early and often and before you knew it, it was 5-0 after 2 innings, and that was all they needed to make Sports Illustrated look like absolute geniuses.

Here’s what SI editor-in-chief Chris Stone stated about the the genesis of that cover:

“We knew he was working on an access piece with the Astros, and that he was getting an unusual amount of access to it,” Stone told For The Win by phone this week. “But access doesn’t necessarily mean that the story’s going to be good, and the story wasn’t just good, it was great. and when there’s nothing else that jumps out on the sports schedule, you say, ‘Let’s do something different and put it on the cover.’ The next trick is, how do you put such a lousy ballclub on the cover of the magazine?

“I spoke to Ben and said, ‘What does the future hold for this program? Do you believe in their plan?’ And from what I could understand, he did. To sell it, we needed to say something, so we came up with ‘Your 2017 World Series champions,’ which seemed plausible in light of some other transformations we had seen in the previous decade. Remember how quickly the Rays pivoted in 2008? It didn’t seem implausible that a team with smart people running it, with a plan, could turn things around in three years.”

Here’s that cover:


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