TJ Oshie Dressed His Kids Up As An Adorable President Trump And The First Lady (PICS)

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In this political climate, it’s hard to take on a public figure without getting backlash from one side or the other. Conor McDavid seemingly got it from both sides when he took to the Halloween party circuit dressed as Donald Trump alongside his “wife,” Ivanka.

Here’s McDavid’s costume, which received quite a bit of flack on social media:

Mr and Mrs Trump

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That didn’t go well.

Fortunately, TJ Oshie showed us that a tasteful and well-received presidential costume IS possible in 2017…you just need to make sure that adorable toddlers are wearing it.

Mr. President and the First Lady!! P.S. All in good fun! God Bless America #HappyHalloween

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Ok. That’s a pretty strong costume, and who’s going to get mad at little kids like that? Even if the boy is rocking some serious bronzer…

Seriously, these costumes, aside from the youngsters wearing them, are pretty spot-on. The suit, the sunglasses…everything works. I guess this will serve as a lesson to Conor McDavid and anyone else looking to tackle the Donald in the future.

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