Greg Hardy Says He Wants To Be UFC Heavyweight Champion (VIDEO)

Greg Hardy Adam Schefter Interview

While we might not really know what Greg Hardy‘s skill level inside the octagon is as of yet, the TMZ footage that keeps surfacing on the dude suggests that he’s at least taking this whole thing pretty seriously.

Since being essentially blackballed from the NFL amid domestic violence and drug allegations, he’s taken up MMA. And now he’s looking to be a champ.

Hardy said to TMZ“Honestly I would like to be in the UFC, and be able to obtain UFC gold.” 

He continued, “I want to be champion of everything I can be. The world champion, best heavyweight.”

Well, there will likely be more roadblocks that keep Hardy from achieving that goal thanks to his disgraceful past, but it doesn’t sound like training or self-confidence will serve as obstacles for the former NFLer.

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