Canadian Runner Breaks ‘Beer Mile’ World Record With An INSANE Time (VIDEO)

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For those unfamiliar with the “Beer Mile,” it’s a race in which you pound beer while you, uh, run a mile. You actually chug four beers in this particular event, and it seems to be one that Corey Bellemore is especially well-suited for. He took the title in San Francisco, but has participated in the event around the world.

He managed to take down four beers over the course of a mile in just 4:33, which is…fast. Both for drinking four beers and for running a mile. Together, well, it’s a record.


Corey managed to give a shout-out to the particular brew consumed, which seems to be called Flying Monkeys. I’m gonna drink four of them right now and see how fast I can run afterward. 

Hat Tip – [theScore]

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