MLS Playoff Game Between TFC & NY Red Bulls Features Halftime Tunnel Brawl (VIDEO + TWEET)

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While an MLS playoff matchup is newsworthy enough in its own right, one particular matchup is making waves outside the soccer world following an ugly incident that took place in the tunnel at halftime during the New York Red Bulls-Toronto FC matchup on Sunday.

When the dust settled, both teams took to the field in the second half with just 10 players aside, due to the ejections of Jozy Altidore and Sacha Kijestan.

After the game, both players offered conflicting accounts, with Kijestan stating, “At halftime, [Jozy] shoved me into the wall. I have a clear conscience. I don’t feel like I deserved a red card. It’s a pretty helpless feeling, to not be able to play in the second half because of that.”

As for Altidore, he had the following to say while being interviewed at the Toronto Raptors game later in the evening:

“He tried to come and get at me from behind, choked and pushed me. And he found out the hard way that he shouldn’t do something like that. I apologize for my actions, but I had to defend myself.”

Altidore also fired off this now-deleted tweet:


Though the Red Bulls won the matchup 1-0, TFC ended up advancing on a 2-2 aggregate, having chalked up more away goals. No doubt the Red Bulls have some feelings about that.

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